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Home of Sydney's Premier Production Kitchen

Garratt's work with customers every step of the way to bring your currentfood concepts & products from idea to reality, all within a modern fullyHACCP certified production facility.

Full Production Kitchen

 Our newly built Production Kitchen is fully equipped to handle all yourfood production needs. Our strong Production Development team canwork to develop your product to its full potential Located at Seven Hills NSW, our 1950m2 production facility has beenspecifically created to comply to the latest food processing standards. We manufacture under confidentiality agreements for many of Australia'slargest brands to provide high quality food production under privatelabels. We are well equipped to manufacture part components for your product ifyou want to streamline and simplify your current operations.

Lets Crack Some Numbers


kg's Meat Cooked Per Week

We cook only the highest grades of Australian Meats and Poultry

kg's of Sauces and Wet Dishes Per Week

We supply to some of Australia's largest franchises and food groups

Single Serve Meals Produced Each Week

We can manufacture and package meals under your branding!

Concept Development

We can take your existing product or idea and help develop it into a commercially available product

Central Production Kitchen

Our central production kitchen can increase your products quality and consistency whilst enjoying savings from large scale production. Imagine all your franchises having the same high quality product without the headaches!

Individual Tray Meals

Currently making tray meals and want to grow? We will happily make to your recipe and package your products under the highest food safety standards.

Let us focus on manufacture, so you can focus on growing your business!

Large Scale Manufacture

We can manufacture from 20kg to 20,000kg and everything in-between!

No Customer is too small or not important. We can make and package almost any food product you can think of, under the highest food safety standards

Concept Development
Central Production Kitchen
Individual Tray Meals
Large Scale Manufacturer

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